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 Glutenfree Products
 Semper glutenfree - delicious Swedish taste.
Semper gluten-free has been a synonym for gluten-free enjoyment and top product quality in the Scandinavian countries for many years. You too can experience this pleasure!
  • The ultimate breakfast treat - glutenfree Mini-Baguettes and Trio three seed rolls. As fresh, as crispy, as rolls simply must be! So many satisfied customers can't be wrong!
  • Crispy flakes, flakes with honey or with red berries, delicious crunchy flakes natural or with dried raspberries, or cereal puffs with tasty filling: crunchy cerals for a powerful start to your day.
  • The "Swede" in the assortment: Crisp bread. Traditionally baked in round shape or classical - in any case a crispy fun!
  • Delicious Salt Sticks for nibbling at home or on the go
  • The excellent baking mixes leave almost nothing to be desired. Do you like baking with corn starch or do you prefer glutenfree wheat starch? We can offer both to you. Or how about natural fibre? This is also something you don't have to abandon any longer. From our recipe booklets you will learn the versatility of the baking mixes. Baking can be that simple!
  • Everybody loves it - Italian Pasta. We offer: Spaghetti, Fusilli, Macaroni, Linguine with fibre, Lasagne, Tagliatelle with egg.
  • Or how about Neapolitan Pizza? With our pizza base and your fantasy you can create  Margherita, Quattro Stagioni or Caprese in an instant.
  • Cantucci (italian style almond biscuits), Knusper-Zimties (Pepparkakor), Schoko-Keks (Chokladkakor), Vanille-Keks (Kolakakor), Chocolate-Sticks, Choco wafers, Piruett Schoko and Knusper Riegel "sweeten" your coffee or tea.
  • The "3 from oats" - oat flakes, oat crisp and oat cookies in well proven Semper quality.
  • You can order all gluten-free products from the Webshop .
Our current assortiment:
 Rolls (Minibaguetter) and rolls with fibre, pre-baked for finishing at home Bread Rolls
pre-baked rolls
  • Minibaguetter
  • Minibaguetter Fiber
  • Trio three seed rolls

 more ...
 Cereals Cereals

range of gluten-free cereals
  • Special Flakes and Flakes & Red Berries
  • KICK! Natural and
    KICK! Raspberry – crispy flakes - plain or with raspberry
  • ZAPS! – cereal puffs with hazelnut- and cocoa filling
  • oat flakes
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oats products Oats products gluten-free oats products
  • oat flakes
  • oat crisp
  • oat cookies
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 Crisp breads from Semper

Crisp bread
gluten-free crisp bread
  • Crisp bread (Grovknäcke)
  • Crisp bread half moon shape (Knäckebröd)
  • Hearty country crisp (Lantknäcke)
  • oat crisp
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our 4 Backing Mixes from Semper Baking mixes gluten-free baking mixes
  • Backmix 1 (Glutenfri Mix)
  • Backmix 2 (Fin Mix)
  • Backmix 3 with fibre (Grov Mix)
  • Backmix 4 with fibre (Mix med Fiber)
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glutenfree nibblings Nibblings

  • Salt sticks
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gluten free pasta Pasta
gluten-free pasta
  • Spaghetti
  • Fusilli
  • Maccheroni
  • Tagliatelle with egg
  • Lasagne
  • fine ribbon noodles with fibre

 more ...
gluten-free pizza base Pizza base  gluten-free pre-baked Pizza base (Pizzabottnar)
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BallastoMaxx BallastoMaxx gluten-free, mainly insoluble fibre. Well suited for baking
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 glutenfree sweet pastries

Sweet pastries "sweet pastries"l
  • Knusper-Zimties (Pepparkakor)
  • Schoko-Keks (Chokladkakor)
  • Vanille-Keks (Kolakakor)
  • Schoko-Waffel (Keks & Choklad)
  • Chocolate Sticks
  • Knusper Riegel
  • Oat biscuits
  • Cantucci
  • Piruett Schoko
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glutenfree chocolate Schoxxi
gluten-free choco products as:
  • bar
  • mini-bar
  • mini-bar Knister
  • Taler
  • lucky pigs
  • seasonal varieties
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