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750 g

 Glutenfree Products

  • insoluble dietary fibre in powder form
  • for the supplementary daily intake of insoluble fibre
  • finely ground wheat fibre
  • 94 % of insoluble fibre
  • beneficial influence on gastrointestinal tract by increasing stool volume
  • low in protein, gluten-free, lactose-free, low in phosphorus and potassium, vegan
  • particularly suited for incorporating into doughs and batters
  • suitable from 1 year
  • in a 750 g container
  • BallastoMaxx can be ordered from the Webshop

 BallastoMaxx 750 g
wheat fibre


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 Nutritional information
    100 g
Energy kJ 792
  kcal 198
Fat g 0,2
of which saturates
g <0,1
Carbohydrate g <0,1
of which sugars
g <0,1
Fibre g 97
Protein g 0,4
Salt g 0,1
Potassium mg 2,7
Phosphorus mg 1,8
Further Nutritional Information
insoluble fibre
g 94
soluble fibre
g 2,5
contains gluten-free wheat starch

gluten-free wheat starch


The gluten-free wheat starch complies with international criteria for gluten-free foods.

contains milk constituents milk constituents
contains egg egg
enthält Ei oats (Hafer)
 Recipe booklet
  • „BallastoMaxx  - fantastic recipes" 
    is available free of charge when ordering the product  from our Webshop.
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