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"Kuchenfein" Eiersatz

200 g box

 Low protein products
 MySnack Kuchen-fei n - low protein egg substitute

Kuchen-fei n is a low protein egg substitute.
Available in reclosable box with 200 g.

  • ideally suitable for preparing fine cakes and cookies
  • 100 g Kuchen-fei n contain 10 mg Phenylalanine
  • Dosage: 10 g Kuchen-fei n + 100 ml water, or according to recipe instructions
  • Directions for use: mix Kuchen-fei n and water in a high container by means of an electric hand mixer and beat for approximately 1 minute
  • recipes are available free of charge (see Rezeptsammlung) (in German language)
  • Kuchen-fei n can be ordered from the Webshop  
Kuchen-fein 200 g
Kuchenfein - low protein egg replacer
Corn starch, thickeners (E 464 &
E 466), colour: beta-carotene

May contain traces of eggs, nuts, soy, milk, celery and sesame


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 Nutrition information
Kuchen-fei n

  100 g
Energy kJ 1555
  kcal 366
Fat g 1,0
of which saturates
g 0,8
Carbohydrate g 89
of which sugars
g 2,1
Protein g 0,4
Salt g 0,2
Further Nutrition Information
Phe mg 10
Leu mg 38
Met mg 6
Tyr mg 11
 Recipe booklet

recipes Kuchen-fein

New Recipes with the low protein egg substitute
(in German language)

extract from contents:

  • different varieties of fruitcakes
  • chocolate cake
  • apple crumble cake
  • coconut cake
  • lemon waffles
  • choco cookies
  • fine cream waffles
  • trifle with red berries compote and pudding cream
  • savoury rolls
  • pretzel dumplings
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