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low protein milk substitute

200 ml Tetra Pak

 Low protein products
 HARIFEN Drink - low protein milk substitute

  • low protein milk substitute drink from HARIFEN in a convenient Tetra Pak for use at home and outside
  • appropriate for instant consumption - with convenient drinking straw on the back side of the pack
  • 100 ml contain only 9 mg Phe
  • extra delicious when chilled, but also suitable for cooking and baking in the low protein cooking
  • shake vigorously before use 
  • once opened it can be kept in the refrigerator for 3 - 4 days
  • HARIFEN Drink can be ordered from the webshop
Harifen Drink 200 ml
low protein milk substitute

Water, whey, cream (34 % FDM), lactose, emulsifiers (E 472c, E 473), stabilizers (E 331, E 407).


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 Nutritional information

Nutrient   100 ml
Energy kJ


  kcal 41
Fat g 2,3
of which saturates
Carbohydrate g 4,8
of which sugars
Protein g 0,3
Salt g 0,14
Further Nutritional Information
Potassium mg 100
Calcium mg 20
Phosphorus mg 24
Amino acids
Phe mg 9
Ile mg 15
Leu mg 26
Lys mg 9
Met mg 6
Tyr mg 10
Val mg 19

Gives a delicious chocolaty drink when mixed to  SchokoMaxx
Simply microwave "HARIFEN drink" in a glass or a cup (1 minute at 600 Watt) and stir in 20 g SchokoMaxx. 


 Or just add 20 g Schoxxi to the warm “HARIFEN drink“. Schoxxi dissolves easily for a delicious chocolaty tasting drink!
...yum yum, how tasty!


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