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  • XPhe products are foods for special medical purposes - suitable for the dietary management of Phenylketonuria (PKU) and Hyperphenylalaninemia (HPA)
  • Phenylalanine-free* protein supplements with varying contents of protein equivalent (*XPhe Hello10 and XPhe enjoy10 GMP contain some Phe from the natural ingredients)
  • contain highly purified L-amino acids
  • supplemented with adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements according to age.
  • as a result different product systems have been developed, every single one ideally suitable for one specific age group:

  • each XPHE-SYSTEM consists of various products, differing in energy content, preparation and flavour, but easily interchangeable. This is made possible because all products within one system contain the same amounts of micronutrients per gram protein.
  • several products available in different flavours
  • PKUs can combine different products from the same XPHE-SYSTEM during the day.
  • ask your metabolic centre for an optimal combination.


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