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ZeroLys Infant
 ZeroLys Infant Mix LCP   ZeroLys Infant Mix LCP Minimize
  • food for special medical purposes for use in the dietary management of Glutaric aciduria Type I
  • for infants from birth
  • powdere4d protein supplement free of lysine, tryptophan-reduced and arginine-enriched
  • with carbohydrates (mainly lactose) and fat
  • enriched with LCPUFA-lipids with regard to the example of mother's milk
  • highly purified amino acids
  • micronutrients in adequate amounts
  • available in a 500 g tin  

Dosage and directions for use

The individual dosage is to be determined by the physician and/or dietitian and should be re-calculated periodically according to results of regular monitoring. It depends on age, body weight, protein requirements and the infant's individual metabolic situation.The daily amount of ZeroLys Infant Mix LCP and other foods like e.g. mother's milk, infant formula or low protein weaning food is determined in a diet plan. The daily quantity of ZeroLys Infant MixLCP is split into 3-5 single portions and fed as a bottle feed or pap. The diet requires an adequate supply of energy, natural protein and other nutrients.

 Nutritional Information
  powder  ready-to-feed
    100 g 100 ml 
Energy kJ 2127 319
  kcal 509 76
Fat g 28
of which saturates
5 0,8
mono-unsaturates 11 1,6
12 1,7
Caboydrate g 54
of which sugars
25 4
      starch 1,2 
Protein g 11 1,7
Salt g 0,6 0,1
Vitamin A µg 570 86
Vitamin D3 µg 7 1
Vitamin E mg 5 0,7
Vitamin K1 µg 24 3,6
Vitamin C mg 58 9
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) mg 0,5 0,07
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) mg 0,5 0,08
Niacin mg 6 0,9
Vitamin B6 mg 0,5 0,08
Folic acid
µg 51 8
Vitamin B12 µg 1,3 0,2
Biotin µg 14 2
Pantothenic acid
mg 4 0,6
Sodium mg 260 39
Potassium mg 500 75
Chloride mg 380 57
Calcium mg 500 75
Phosphorus mg 335 50
Magnesium mg 52 8
Trace elements      
mg 6 1
Zinc mg 5 0,8
mg 0,36 0,05
Manganese mg 0,4 0,06
Fluoride mg 0,13 0,02
Selenium µg 13 2
Chromium µg 26 4
Molybdenum µg 26 4
µg 46 7
Further Nutritional Information
Lactose g 24 3,5
Maltodextrin g 22 3
DHA mg 112 17
L-Carnitine mg 11 1,6
Choline mg 77 12
myo-Inositol mg 51 8
Taurine mg 39 6
Preparation instructions
Clean and boil glass bottle and teat before use.
Boil the drinking water and allow to cool down to 40°
Add required amount of boiled water to the bottle.
Fill the scoop and level off with the back of a knife. Use only the scoop enclosed in the tin.
Put the lid carefully on the bottle and shake.
Open the bottle and fix the teat. Check drinking temperature (cheek test).

Always prepare the bottle feed freshly. Do not reuse leftovers.
 Dental care
  • Carbohydrates are indispensible for the nutrition of your child. Like human milk ZeroLys Infant Mix LCP contains  carbohydrates.
  • Incorrect use of the bottle (frequent or continuous sucking) can result in tooth decay (caries) and related damages to health.
  • Thus a bottle feed should only last for the time required for the food intake.
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