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Arginin500 minis
 Arginin500 minis

  • food for special medical purposes for the supplementary dietary management of Urea Cycle Disorders, such as NAGS Deficiency, CPS1 Deficiency, OTC Deficiency, Citrullinemia Type I, adult-onset of Citrullinemia Type II or Argininosuccinic Aciduria, when supplementation is required
  • can also be used supplementary in the dietary management of other disorders of amino acid metabolism (e.g. Propionic Aciduria with tendency to Hyperammonemia), in Glutaric aciduria Type I, or in Pyridoxin-dependent epilepsy, when supplementation with this amino acid is indicated
  • suitable from 3 years
  • highly concentrated L-Arginine – in the form of coated tablets
  • neutral in taste and smell
  • easy to swallow – convenient in use
  • 500 mg (2,9 mmol) L-Arginine per tablet - 158 g container at 250 tablets

Dosage and Directions for Use

The daily dosage and intake of Arginin500 minis depends on age, body weight and individual medical condition and is determined under medical supervision.
Arginin500 minis should be taken supplementary to the regular amino acid mixture – if applicable.


Arginin500 minis should be swallowed unchewed as whole tablets. They should always be taken with a sufficient quantity of liquid. Arginin500minis are not meant to dissolve in the mouth. We recommend to take the tablets in an upright position.

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