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AdPro nephro 

 Protein concentrates
 AdPro nephro

  • powdered protein concentrate (91 %) based on high-value whey protein, low in Potassium and Phosphorus - food for special dietary purposes
  • for the dietary management of disease related protein malnutrition in renal failure requiring dialysis - particularly when concurrent restriction of Potassium and Phosphorus intake is indicated
  • suitable from 1 year
  • in convenient portion sachets at 11 g powder (≙ 10 g of protein) and in a 300 g tin

Things to know

The protein component in AdPro nephro consists of whey protein. Whey protein has a higher biological value as compared to milk protein.
The biological value indicates the quantity of tissue protein which can be built up from the dietary protein. The biological value of AdPro nephro is as high as 104.


The daily amount of AdPro nephro should be determined in a dietary schedule, considering the individual protein requirements. Ideally the daily quantity is split into several single portions.

We recommend an amount of
11 g/ 1 sachet AdPro nephro
(≙ 10 g protein) per 100 g food/ drink.

The scoop enclosed in the tin holds approx. 5,5 g AdPro nephro when levelled.
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