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nephea Kid 

per 100 g powder:
Potassium 20 mg
Phosphorus 26 mg
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 nephea Kid
  • food for special medical purposes
  • for the dietary management of Pre-End-Stage Renal Disease (Pre-ESRD) or other conditions of chronic renal failure (CRF)
  • for children from 1 year of age
  • protein-reduced, electrolyte-balanced and energy-rich oral sip or tube feed in powder form
  • age-adapted micronutrients
  • supplemented with soluble dietary fibre
  • in a 400 g tin


nephea Kid  can be given supplementary or according to energy requirements. The daily dosage depends on age and body weight of the child and should be given in several single portions. The individual dosage is calculated on the basis of daily energy requirements according to KDOQI guidelines and the Reference Values for Nutrient Intake (D-A-CH 2000) and should be re-examined and adjusted regularly under medical control.

Medical and dietary control is necessary in any case.

Important notice

Use only under medical control. Not to be used in case of cow's milk allergy and severe malabsorption and maldigestion. Contains easily digestible carbohydrates. In case of disorders in glucose tolerance use only under careful metabolic control. For enteral use only.

 Further information

Additional information is available to registered nutrition professionals.

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 Nutritional Information
nephea Kid (from batch # N/4219-K)

 d14/06/17   100 g 30 g
Energy kJ 2044 613
  kcal 488 147
Fat g 24 7
of which        saturates
g 5 1,4
        mono-unsaturates g 10 3
            polyunsaturates g 10 3
Carbohydrate g 60 18
of which             sugars
g 3,6 1
Fibre g 3 1
Protein g 6,5 1,9
Salt g 0,5 0,15
Vitamin A µg 100 30
Vitamin D µg 10 3
Vitamin E mg 3 0,9
Vitamin K1 µg 7 2
Vitamin C mg 32 10
Thiamin (Vit. B1) mg 0,3 0,1
Riboflavin (Vit. B2) mg 0,4 0,1
Niacin mg 4 1,1
Vitamin B6 mg 0,2 0,06
Folic acid
µg 64 19
Vitamin B12 µg 0,53 0,16
Biotin µg 7 2
Pantothenic acid
mg 2 0,6
Potassium mg 20 6
Chloride mg 235 70
Calcium mg 150 45
Phosphorus mg 26 8
Magnesium mg 35 10
Trace elements      
Ironn mg 3,5 1
Zinc mg 2,5 0,8
Copper mg 0,45 0,14
Manganese mg 0,9 0,27
Selenium mg 12 4
Chromium µg 21 6
Molybdenum µg 21 6
Iodine µg 45 14
Further nutritional information
Maltodextrin g 60 18
Sodium mg 200 60
Nutritional values are subject to variations due to natural ingredients.
 Standard dilution
30 g nephea Kid

+ 100 ml drinking water 

= 120 ml ready-to-drink. 

The enclosed level scoop holds approx. 4 g nephea Kid

Ways of preparation

  • Preparation as a drink: Add measured amount of powder to water (choose amount according to prescribed energy density) and dissolve by strirring. Use a shaker, if necessary. 

    Preparation with a shaker

  Clean shaker before use.

Pour cold or warm drinking water into the shaker

Level the scoop with the back of a knife. Only use the scoop from the tin.
Put the lid safely on the shaker and shake.
Open shaker and drink or fill content into a clean cup.

  • Further ways of preparation
    nephea Kid can be prepared in a solid consistency, e.g. as a pap or pudding or can be added as a supplement to other food.
  • Tube feeding
    Measure required amount of nephea Kid (according to desired energy density) and add to pre-boiled water (cooled down to moderate temperature). Dissolve lump-free, if necessary use a shaker or a whisk. Start with low dosage, then increase gradually. nephea can be applied via regular tubes.

Always prepare the feed with nephea freshly. Do not reuse leftovers.
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