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Citrullin is highly concentrated L-citrulline in powder form.

Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP) for use in the dietary management of disorders of amino acid metabolism, e.g. urea cycle disorders, or other diseases, e.g. short bowel syndrome and lysinuric protein intolerance, if supplementation with L-citrulline is required.

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  • L-citrulline – in powder form
  • suitable for tube feeding
  • 450 g tin
The daily dose depends on age, body weight and the individual metabolic situation and, like the time of intake, is determined under medical supervision. If necessary, the powder should be taken in addition to the usual protein supplement. Citrullin can be combined well with the plus8 products.

Must only be used under medical supervision. Not for use as a sole source of nutrition. For enteral use only. Only for people with proven inborn errors of amino acid metabolism such as Urea Cycle Disorders. Not suitable for infants in the first year of life.



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