AdPro 104, for illness-related protein deficiency, from 1 year of age, 80% protein concentrate in powder form - based on high-quality whey protein with a biological value of 104


protein concentrate (from 1 year)

AdPro104 is an 80% protein concentrate in powder form from 1 year of age - based on biologically high-quality whey protein with the biological value of 104. AdPro104 is enriched with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Food for special medical purposes for dietary management of disease-related protein malnutrition. AdPro104 is also available as a "sports edition".

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  • gluten free, fructose free
  • free from dietary fiber
  • almost tasteless
  • easily digestible
  • soluble in cold and warm
  • without thickening effect
  • suitable for sweet and savory
  • stable to cooking, baking and acids
  • suitable for tube feeding supplementation – do not use parenterally
  • packed in a tin or in a practical sachets
  • 80 g protein per 100 g
  • 10 g protein per sachet
  • available as "sports edition" in 1000 g tin
Ideally, the daily amount is always distributed over several individual servings. Adults: A diet plan should determine the daily amount of AdPro104 under consideration of the individual protein requirement. Children: Based on the D-A-CH reference values regarding protein, we recommend the following maximum amounts of AdPro104 per day especially for children: 1 - 3 years: max. 18 g ≙ 14 g protein, 4 - 6 years: max. 23 g ≙ 18 g protein, 7 - 10 years: max. 33 g ≙ 26 g protein.

Use only under medical supervision. Not intended for exclusive feeding. Do not use parenterally. AdPro104 must not be used if enteral nutrition is contraindicated or if there are intolerances or allergies to only one of the ingredients contained. AdPro104 is suitable from 1 year of age.



Delivery Unit



Folding box à 25 sachets à 12,5 g 1 x 312,5 g 16865699 5389149
tin à 1000 g 1 x 1000 g 16872819 5389126
6 x 1000 g 16872825 5389132
AdPro104 sports edition tin à 1000 g 1 x 1000 g - -

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