AdVit is a micronutrient supplement in powder form for 3 age levels.

Food for special medical purposes for use in the dietary management of micronutrient deficiency – in case of increased need or insufficient coverage of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

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  • gluten free, lactose free
  • contains inulin
  • partly with sweetener
  • highly soluble
  • for 3 age levels:
  • AdVit 2: 1 to 4 years (without sweetener)
  • AdVit 3: 4 to 10 years
  • AdVit 4: from 10 years
  • especially suitable for inborn errors of metabolism, in the ketogenic diet, in restrictive or build-up diets as well as malnutrition
  • in the 200 g tin

The daily amount of AdVit depends on age, body weight and the individual metabolic situation. The dosage is determined under medical supervision. The daily amount of AdVit should be divided into 2 - 3 individual portions and consumed as a drinkable food.

Use only under medical supervision. Not intended for exclusive nutrition. Only for individuals above the age defined for the specific product with micronutrient deficiencies in congenital metabolic disorders, restrictive or build-up diets, and malnutrition. Do not use parenterally. AdVit contains readily available carbohydrates. In case of glucose tolerance disorders, use only under careful metabolic control.



Delivery Unit



AdVit 2
tin à 200 g 1 x 200 g 01655720 -
2 x 200 g 01641209 3090759
AdVit 3
tin à 200 g 1 x 200 g 01992245 -
2 x 200 g 01641215 3090771
AdVit 4
tin à 200 g 1 x 200 g 01992268 -
2 x 200 g 01641244 3090794

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