nephea Infant, preterminal renal insufficiency and other forms of chronic renal insufficiency, from birth, protein-reduced, electrolyte-defined and energy-rich drinking and tube feed in powder form

nephea infant

Infants (from birth onwards)

nephea Infant is a protein-reduced, electrolyte-defined and energy-rich powdered sip and tube feed for infants from birth - enriched with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Food for special medical purposes for use in the dietary management of preterminal renal insufficiency and other forms of chronic renal insufficiency.

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  • fully accounted for
  • 60 mg potassium and 70 mg phosphorus per 100 g
  • reimbursable special product according to §31 Abs.5 SGB V i.V. m. Arzneimittel-Richtlinie Kap.I die §§18ff.
  • packed in a tin

nephea Infant can be used as a supplement or to cover energetic needs. The daily amount of nephea Infant depends on the age and body weight of the infant and should be divided into several individual portions. It is best to dose gradually at the beginning. The individual dosage is calculated on the basis of the daily energy requirement according to the KDOQI guidelines and the reference values for nutrient intake D-A-CH 2000 and is redefined at regular intervals after a medical check-up.

Use only under medical supervision. Do not use in case of cow's milk protein allergy and severe disorders of absorption and digestion. Contains readily available carbohydrates, in case of glucose tolerance disorders use only under careful metabolic control. For supplemental or energy needs-covering nutrition. Do not use parenterally.



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nephea infant
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