XPhe energy A for phenylketonuria or hyperphenylalaninemia, from the age of 15, highly concentrated phenylalanine-free protein supplement in powder form with extra energy

XPhe energy A

Teenagers & Adults (from 15 years)

XPhe energy A is a phenylalanine-free protein supplement in powder form for adolescents and adults – enriched with vitamins, minerals and trace elements according to need and age.

Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP) for use in the dietary management of phenylketonuria (PKU) or hyperphenylalaninemia (HPA).

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  • with extra energy in form of carbohydrate and fat
  • in 4 flavors: neutral, strawberry, lemon, vanilla
  • delicious drink, milkshake-like
  • packed in practical sachets
  • neutral and strawberry also in the 660 g tin
  • 30 g protein equivalent per 100 g
  • 10 g protein equivalent per sachet

The total daily amount of amino acid mixture depends on age, body weight and individual metabolic situation and is determined under medical supervision. It is best to take the daily amount divided into 3 – 5 servings. The daily dose of amino acid mixture can consist either exclusively of XPhe energy A or also of a combination of several amino acid mixtures, which are suitable for the dietary management of PKU/HPA. The diet requires a need-based intake of energy, natural protein and other nutrients.

Use only under medical supervision. Not intended for exclusive feeding. Do not use parenterally. Only for individuals with phenylketonuria ( PKU) or hyperphenylalaninemia (HPA). Suitable from 15 years of age.




Delivery Unit



XPhe energy A
strawberry (E)
lemon (Z)
vanilla (V)
neutral (N)
box of 20 sachets of 33 g each 1 x 660 g (E) 01055204
(Z) 05590549
(V) 12427301
(N) 09748415
(E) 4544665
(Z) 4544671
(V) 4541247
(N) 4004288
tin à 660 g 1 x 660 g (E) 13922729
(Z) –
(V) –
(N) 13922758
(E) 4795120
(Z) –
(V) –
(N) 4795166

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